How to reexamine your tech content marketing strategy amidst COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted every corner of business. Now that we’ve made it past the beginning, where does that leave tech content marketing? It’s common knowledge that the pandemic has delivered a shockwave to the global economy across industries. It has touched every conceivable corner of business, leaving most tech marketing teams questioning how to treat […]

5 no-contact digital gestures to connect with your customers during COVID-19

Coronavirus converts customer contact into a fully digital experience Whether you’re in marketing, sales or even engineering, COVID-19 has eliminated the option for any of us to interact with customers in person. For many roles, this has made the most important form of customer communications impossible: in-person meetings. Sure, we can exchange texts, emails and […]

COVID-19 and technology content marketing: 3 best practices for minding your language

3 tips for keeping your tech marketing content relevant and appropriate during COVID-19 COVID-19 calls tech content marketing into question: what’s appropriate and what’s not? It’s been over one month since the coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic, and it seems we’re approaching the beginning of what some are referring to as “the new normal.” […]