Special projects

Marketing content writing on demand

Marketing content projects aren’t always predictable. Sometimes they come up at the drop of a hat, other times you realize you can’t get your campaign off the ground without an extra set of hands. No matter what you’re facing, whether it be a rebrand, website overhaul, or lead generation campaign on an aggressive timeline, we’ll get you to your end goal.

We’ll help you scope your project, organize the workload, and create a timeline. You worry about your strategy and target results, and we’ll focus on the heavy lifting. That high-pressure project you’re stressing over? Consider the pressure off.

Marketing content for high-priority projects on demand

An on-demand resource for large-scale content production projects will unburden your marketing team and ensure your high-priority undertaking gets done right.

Project planning

Getting large-scale projects to the finish line calls for detailed planning. We’ll sit down, scope out your project, identify the necessary materials and SMEs, and create a timeline that we’ll stick to.

Weekly check-ins

We’ll sync up regularly to make sure your marketing content project is always moving forward, provide status updates, and discuss edits or project changes.

Project management included via Basecamp

You’ll have a central dashboard to view, manage, and comment on all components of your project, plus receive updates the minute progress is made on any given deliverable.

“ High-quality written content and graphic design all-in-one, delivered by an expert in IT and security. Where else can you find that kind of value?”

Stacey Levas
VP Marketing, DataBank