The latest VMware network security webcasts and Hands-on Labs

What’s happening in network security? Recent and upcoming VMware webcasts

Happy New Year from the Van Dalen team & VMware! 2020 is well underway, we’re nearing the end of Q1 and thanks to our friends at VMware, we’ve got the details of recent and upcoming VMware webcasts, jam packed with info on network security and the essential role of NSX technology.

Whether you’re interested in learning about networking basics, automation, analytics or how the multicloud era is influencing networking and security, we’ve got a webcast for you. Let’s take a look at three on-demand webcasts, plus a sneak peek at an upcoming webcast—they’re all filled with useful network security knowledge.

4 VMware NSX webcasts for the curious network and security professional

1. Network Automation with NSX and vRA Cloud

Format: 60-minute on-demand intermediate technical series

Background: Apps and services have to be delivered fast and with agility, but today’s networking and security model is manual, slowing app provisioning, management and delivery. This webcast provides a detailed run-through of network automation with the VMware NSX network virtualization platform and multicloud management with vRA cloud.

Watch the on-demand webcast: Network Automation with NSX and vRA Cloud

2. Operationalizing Network Security with NSX Intelligence

Format: 60-minute on-demand intermediate technical series

Background: VMware NSX, a software-based networking and security platform, now includes NSX Intelligence: VMware’s new distributed analytics engine. NSX Intelligence provides visibility into the traffic flow and security posture of workloads across your environment. This webcast demonstrates how NSX Intelligence enables the implementation of granular microsegmentation for a zero trust security model.

Watch the on-demand webcast: Operationalizing Network Security with NSX Intelligence

3. Getting Started with NSX-T

Format: 90-minute on-demand instructor-led hands-on-lab

Background: The network and security platform, NSX-T, is built for workloads running on all types of infrastructure. This technical deep dive will walk you through a comprehensive lab, giving you a closer look at NSX-T. You’ll learn about what’s new in the latest version, experience a demo covering set-up, scaling and deployment, plus a test drive.

Watch the on-demand webcast: Getting Started with NSX-T

4. Upcoming webcast: Networking and Security for the Multicloud Era

Format: 60-minute intermediate technical series

Background: The multicloud era makes a common operational model hard to pin down. Fortunately, VMware has a multicloud networking and security solution: NSX. Get the details on why NSX is key for multicloud, modern customer use cases and a complete demo of the product in action.

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