Acknowledging the impacts of COVID-19

Colleen's dog Brutus

Sending wishes of health and safety to our clients, partners and friends

When COVID-19 became a crisis, our work and personal lives changed overnight. We have chosen to wait until reaching a slightly less panicked operating state to reach out to our clients, partners and friends on this matter.

While nerves still run high and we’ve certainly not gotten to the light at the end of the tunnel, on behalf of Van Dalen I would like to share that our clients, partners and friends have our full support during this time. We are here to give a helping hand as marketing plans shift, offer a smile or laugh in the form of a picture of our head researcher Brutus and simply extend our friendship to all.

For those who have suffered losses as a result of COVID-19, we offer our deepest sympathies. If there is anything we can do to ease your discomfort during this period, please feel welcome to reach out to us.

As you all know, there are many opportunities to make charitable donations aimed at supporting medical needs, protecting vulnerable populations and sustaining all nonprofits during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage those who are able to donate to do so in the way that resonates most with you. Van Dalen will be making a monthly donation to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who recently committed $100 million for work on COVID-19 globally, for the duration of the pandemic. We welcome you to make your donation here. Gates Philanthropy Partners currently has two funds dedicated to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic: Combating COVID-19, which will help develop vaccines and diagnostics and the COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator, which will quicken the process of taking new treatments to market.

Now more than ever, we all need a little extra empathy, kindness and support. Remember, the Van Dalen team is here for you.

Sending wishes of health and safety to all,

Colleen Van Dalen, CEO