A warm welcome to: Lexi Barretto, our in-house graphic designer

Getting to know Lexi Barretto, Van Dalen graphic designer

What do you love most about your job?

Having the creative freedom to take design risks and come up with really cool assets. I enjoy the IT space in particular because I think designers and engineers actually complement each other really well. Both skillsets bring unique views and assets to the table.

About to board the Hogwarts Express!

What design project are you most proud of so far in your career?

Designing and implementing a company’s full-scale branding package for a tradeshow event was probably my favorite project so far. We made all new assets from the ground up, from the tradeshow booth designs to the packaging design for the giveaways and a handout booklet. Our giveaway was a custom designed shot-ski that I still get compliments on to this day!

What are the most important things to consider from a design perspective when building a brand?

Audience is key! Who are you trying to “speak” to? That should define everything, from what sort of colors you choose to the way you present material and the tone of voice of your messaging. Choosing the right medium for your message is also important; would this content make the most sense as a webpage, an email letter, an eBook or a blog? Every design decision should be made with the customer/audience in mind.

Grabbing ice cream in Jiufen, Taiwan

What’s your biggest design pet peeve?

When it comes to working with clients, probably getting enough feedback, or not getting relevant feedback. Once you have a good grasp on a company’s branding it’s easy to create graphic content that fits their visual messaging, but it takes a long time to build that kind of rapport. Getting consistent and detailed feedback is always helpful, but especially so in the beginning of a relationship.

Describe your ideal pizza.

Bacon. Lots of bacon. And a cheesy crust.