5 no-contact digital gestures to connect with your customers during COVID-19

Coronavirus converts customer contact into a fully digital experience

Whether you’re in marketing, sales or even engineering, COVID-19 has eliminated the option for any of us to interact with customers in person. For many roles, this has made the most important form of customer communications impossible: in-person meetings.

Sure, we can exchange texts, emails and set up Zoom calls. But it’s just not the same as sitting down for a lunch with a long-time customer you’ve built an excellent relationship with. Not to mention, it’s not always easy to stay positive in times of crisis. Most people are dealing with stress related to the fallout of COVID-19 and could use a thoughtful gesture.

So, take a moment to be generous and grab something thoughtful for your customer. Trust us, they’ll appreciate the outreach. We’ve compiled a list of super cool digital gifts for the tech-minded customer, no shipping necessary.

5 no-contact digital gestures to connect with your customers during COVID-19

  1. Gamers

Xbox gift cards

Steam gift cards

If you know your customer loves to game in their spare time, why not grab them an Xbox or Steam gift card? They can choose the game they like the best, kick back and take their mind off the chaos.

  1. Lovers of learning

Kindle Unlimited

Quite a few people go the digital route when it comes to reading these days. A Kindle Unlimited membership will give your customer access to over 1 million titles!


Come on, we work in IT. Who among us doesn’t get excited about learning? GoSkills.com helps people learn business skills with personalized courses consisting of bite-sized and interactive content.


Brilliant allows users to build quantitative skills in computer science, math and science with fun, challenging interactive explorations.

  1. The Zen minded

Let’s be honest, we’re facing stressful times. Got a customer who’s into yoga or meditation? Check out Headspace and Calm. Both offer gift subscription options.

Headspace subscription

Calm Premium subscription

  1. TV and movie fans

Now more than ever, we all need to take a little time to zone out. Grab a Disney+ or Hulu subscription for your customer so they can sit back and chillax.



  1. App enthusiasts

Did you know you can gift an iOS app? This is a great way to personalize your gesture. If you know your customer well, take a moment to think about their hobbies, passions and interests and choose an app they’ll enjoy.

All you have to do is visit the App Store or open iTunes, find the app you’d like to give, tap the Share icon and finally, tap the Gift icon.

All right, so that’s our roundup. In our current environment of social distancing, a no-touch digital gesture is really the way to go. Still at a loss for the right gesture for your customer? Grab them an Amazon eGift card – there’s something everyone can enjoy.